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What If There’s Something That Makes Nano Silver 10 PPM Even Better? There Is!

It’s Called UPWARD™ CBD!

CBD (Cannabidiol) is your body’s molecular system for natural inflammation control. CBD is the core of the recently-discovered Endo Cannabinoid System (ECS). Let UPWARD™ CBD come to YOUR rescue!

  • Intense UPWARD CBD 1500 mg oil:  1 ounce bottle contains 30 servings of 50 mg each.
  • Antioxidant UPWARD CBD 25 mg Capsules with Astaxanthin and Fucoidan contains 30 capsules.

    GO UPWARD NOW! You’ll love it!

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Disclaimer for CBD Hemp based products:
“CBD Hemp Products are legal under international conventions and in many nations, but not in all. It is lawful to import CBD Hemp Oil into many nations, but not in all. It is the Customer’s responsibility to ascertain the law in his or her home jurisdiction. We are not responsible for losses due to inability to deliver caused by national restrictions. Confiscation or loss of goods is the responsibility of the Customer from the time we deliver the goods to the common carrier.”