Breathable Masks

Choose your Breathable Mask style now. Each Style mask has its own Product Page, so please make sure the Style Number matches the Style you want.

To order several of one Style, enter desired number of masks on that Product Page, add to cart, and continue shopping .

Want several styles?  No problem:  visit each style page and make your selection and add to cart.  They’ll be waiting for you on the Check-out Page.

Ready to start breathing freely?  Just pick your style:

#1 — Delicate white cotton eyelet, white ribbon
#2 — Bold white cotton eyelet, white ribbon
#3 — Beige cotton eyelet, beige ribbon
#4 — Rainbow sequins, matching ribbon
#5 — Pink sequins, pink ribbon
#6 — Blue velvet
#7 — Purple velvet
#8 — Black velvet
#9 — Purple lace
#10 – Gold with beads
#11 – Green velvet
#12 – Purple with flocking
#13 – Silver velvet
#14 – Black with sequins
#15 – Shiny stripes
#16 – Black dangles with beads
#17 – Blue striped velvet
#18 – Gold sequins on pink
#19 – Sequins on beige
#20 – Sequins on lavender

Each Product Page has mask images, so make sure you are on the right numbered page for each mask you want.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Masking ‘requirements’ do not specify what type of cloth is required, so people are encouraged to use whatever is available, including scarves, handkerchiefs, T-shirts and the like. Virtually all the scientific evidence suggests that obstructive masking provides little, if any, protection, but can cause breathing issues, nausea, brain damage, lung infections and re-breathing your own pathogen-containing breath. That’s why Dr. Rima created our super-breathable masks.  If you fond of oxygen, they are  just what “the doctor ordered”.

Click on the image of the Masks below to reach the purchase page; then scroll down to see choices.

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