Advance Medical Directive Cards

Advance Medical Directive Cards
Protect Your Right of Informed Consent
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Fall Vaccine Season is Upon Us

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VACCINES! Advance Vaccine Directive (AVD) Card — Over the past five years thousands of Health Freedom Advocates have supported Natural Solutions Foundation by obtaining and using the Gold Advance Vaccine Directive (AVD) Card to assert their universal right of Informed Consent regarding vaccine mandates. The card is an Advance Medical Directive binding on the health care system [similar to cards that say “I am a diabetic” or “I am allergic to ___” or “I refuse all transfusions”]. Obtain your card and use it to assert your Informed Consent Right.

MASKING! Advance Sanitary Mask Directive (ASMD) Card — Now, with the Declared Pandemic and health-harming sanitary masking rules, we must assert our universal right of Informed Consent regarding mask mandates too. The ASMD card is based on United States law (Americans with Disabilities Act – ADA) and may not be honored in other countries.

Reject “Sado-Mask-ism” and let the PC Shamers know you know your rights with the Silver Advance Sanitary Mask Directive (ASMD) Card!

The Silver ASMD Card is the perfect companion to the Gold AVD Card. It tells them that you know your rights. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) you cannot be forced to wear a sanitary mask if it would bother you emotionally or physically.

Do you breathe? Do masks interfere with your respiratory function, causing you discomfort?

Then you have the right to refuse to wear them. And you do not have to disclose any particular disability when asserting that right.

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