3 Breathable Mask – Beige Cotton Eyelet


Scroll down to see your Mask choices.  After you go to check out you will receive an email from Sue asking for the Mask Number (style choice) you want.  You can specify the number of masks, but not the style, at checkout.  We are working on a drop-down menu to make this easier.

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THE UNMASK – Style #3
From the Unmasked Crusaders

When You’d Rather Mask than Fight.
Oxygen.  It’s what Dr. Rima Recommends™

Sometimes asserting your right not to mask takes more time and effort than you have.  For those time, Dr. Rima has created the UnMask open-air, breathable face covering. It lets all the air in without inviting arguments. When you have more time, you’ll want to assert your right not to mask with the Mask Exemption Card.

Masking requirements do not specify what type of cloth is required, so people can use whatever is available, including scarves, handkerchiefs, T-shirts and the like.  Virtually all the scientific evidence suggests that masking provides little if any protection, but can cause breathing issues, nausea, brain damage, lung infections and re-breathing your own pathogen-containing breath. Dr. Rima’s super-breathable masks may be just what “the doctor ordered” if you are fond of oxygen.

Here are our first models.  If you are tired of masking and being short of breath you will love these super-breathable, no fight Unmasks.

Next:  Men’s and unisex models.

Protect yourself from ordinary masks! These Unmasks support your health, your health freedom and our legal battle with the FDA.

Give health and freedom this holiday season.  The perfect holiday gift!

Be one of the first Unmasked Crusaders with these hand-made, open-air, breathable Unmasks designed by Dr. Rima. Buy several — $16.00 each, domestic shipping (USA) included.

You have a choice of several styles. This Shopping Cart has a separate Product Page for each Style, so please make sure the Style Number matches the Style you want.  If you want several of one Style, just choose a multiple number on the Product Page

Just pick your style and start breathing freely:

#1 — Delicate white cotton eyelet, white ribbon
#2 — Bold white cotton eyelet, white ribbon
#3 — Beige cotton eyelet, beige ribbon
#4 —  Rainbow sequins, matching ribbon
#5 —  Pink sequins, pink ribbon


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