Support Our Legal Efforts for Your Right to Use Nano Silver


Deep State agencies like the DoJ and FDA target leading health freedom advocates like the Natural Solutions Foundation.  The Department of Justice is suing Natural Solutions Foundation, Dr. Rima and Counsel Ralph over what they claim are nano silver “claims”. They contend that, for example, sharing a declassified piece
of research in which the US Defense Department showed that in the presence of our Nano Silver 10 PPM, viruses do not attach to cells, penetrate them or replicate, is somehow making a “claim” that Nano Silver “treats” or “cures” COVID.

Rest assured that we have not come this far just to back down: not only do we intend to litigate the issue, we intend to counter-claim, defending Nano Silver as nutrient support for an effective immune system.

We need your help to defend the lawsuit and to counterclaim seeking protection from the Courts for the use of nano silver as a nutrient that supports normal immune function.

We’ve taken the first step by formally petitioning the FDA for approval of a Nano Silver Health Claim.  You can read that Petition here:

Please support our efforts generously. Minimum support is $10.  Your access to Nano Silver is at stake.

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