Vax Free Pack


Silver ebook $9.97
Silver bottler $49.97
AVD Card $30

$89.94 value less 15%, $13.49, now only $74.97

Special shipping cost: pay for shipping the silver only.


  1. Vax Free Pack: You’ll save more than 15% on the powerhouse combo of an
    – Advance Vaccine Directive Wallet Card that allows you to legally refuse all vaccines no matter what state you live in. A $30 value
    – Instruction sheet on exactly how to use the Advance Vaccine Directive at home, school or work. Complementary when you purchase an Advance Vaccine Directive card
    – Dr. Rima Recommends™ Nano Silver 10PPM. A $49.97 value
    – My Nano Silver Book with detailed protocol information. A $9.97 value.

Total Value: $ 89.94 –  YOU PAY ONLY $74.97 –   SAVE $13.49  Plus Shipping


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