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Credit Card companies and online transaction systems have made things hard for us and therefore for you so we’ve decided to simplify transactions on this site.
When you fill out your checkout form, you will see an order number and a total amount (we hope you’ll round up to the next even dollar amount or throw something extra in the kitty to help support our work).

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FDA Challenges NSF Silver Sales
Nano Silver 10 PPM Currently On Hold
Advance Medical Directive Cards
Remain Available
Dated 8 September 2020 we received a cease and desist demand from the United States Department of Justice regarding Nano Silver. Until the matter is resolved, we have removed Nano Silver from this web site. Rest assured, our legal challenge is under way! This action by the Government makes the importance of the Advance Medical Directive Cards even more evident.
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Please Note: the Foundation is not a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible public charity. We are a private, nonprofit association and do not solicit tax-deductible donations from the public. If you choose to gift us with your support, we thank you.

From $1,000 Supporter & Freedom Warrior KHH:
“December 23, 2010 – Dear Dr. Rima and Gen. Bert, Once again I have searched my coffers for a contribution to you and staff to help you continue your efforts. I wanted to forward this contribution on Thanksgiving Day, but hesitated because I wasn’t sure I could at that time. I am happy now to find I can manage by digging a little deeper. Best of luck and progress to you and staff!”

We ask a lot from you: All year long we ask you to ride the freedom mouse hard and keep on riding it. But we all know, Push Back Works! We ask you to ‘viralize’ Action Items and information that make a difference. We ask you to become points of mobilization for your community of influence. And we ask you to stand with us so that we can develop long range plans, carry them out and make sure that we are all free to determine what happens to our bodies, our health and our futures.

Now we are asking something from you all year long, too. Your financial support.

We are asking you to click here to set up a recurring monthly gift of whatever amount you feel is realistic for you. This year we accomplished mighty deeds together.

It’s pretty simple: with minimal resources we can accomplish a great deal (and do) but with less than minimal resources, we cannot. On the other side, with better funding, we can accomplish even more.

Here is a list of some of our accomplishments since our founding in 2004:

The choice is yours. How important is your health and freedom?

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